Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yeah! My Thesis Presentation is NOW!

Have you missed ME?

Well, I've been busy over the last few weeks trying to, you know, graduate from college. As much as I like to wander aimlessly around the sports underground, I'm busy trying to graduate with honors from an institution of higher learning. Yeah, God's awesome. I can't afford to hang around school for another year. I would say it's because of this economy deal (Obama!!) but I would've been broke regardless. (Doesn't this economy make for a great excuse to pull the whole "broke college student" routine?) Also, thanks to everyone who filled in with guest posts and the like to keep this boat afloat.

However, if you're interested (or just want to see if I'm lying about the graduating thing), you're more than welcome to check out my undergraduate thesis presentation!

Here's the wicked cool title to my Thesis:

"Hoop Dreams": Arguing for More Young Adult Sports Fiction to be Written For Black Teenagers

According to the HU Symposium webpage (click on the program 'here' portion), my presentation will take place on this Monday, April 6th, 2009 @ 9am in Howard University's Blackburn Forum. So, if you want to either see me fall flat on my face, or learn something from my research, or have some fun...please, feel free to stop by. I can use the support. Hopefully, I can win some prize money for this or something.

Here's a brief video clip of what you should expect come Monday:

P.S. If you love spoken word poetry, I invite you to check out my friend, Britney Wilson on HBO, Sunday at 11pm. She and her high school poetry slam teammates are featured in a multi-week series entitled "Brave New Voices", produced by Russell Simmons. Yeah, the same guy that gave us the wackiest divorce settlement in our nation's history. Speaking of which, Russell, I think it's about time to send Kimora another new car. Ouch.

BONUS THROWBACK CLIP: Swat Kats, the Radical Squadron. You're welcome.

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  1. I don’t know if it was me, or the YouTube video you posted wasn’t working at all. Oh, I wish I can read your whole paper, maybe a can pick up some thesis ideas from it to use on my paper since were on the same field. Anyway, hope that everything went well with you.