Monday, November 17, 2008

How My Life Got Real Busy...

Hello Loyal Readers,

Sorry for not checking it at all over the last two weeks. I've been writing columns for the sports section at my school's newspaper, the Hilltop. I've pretty much had a personal mission to make our sports section the awesomeist location for sports news in campus news outlets, and we're well on our way. (Big ups to Howard for beating a Pac-10 team last week!)

Secondly, my computer definitely crashed last week. I love the internets more than a fat kid loves cake, but since I've been computer-less for the last week, I've started to lose my connections with the blogosphere and (gasp!) rely solely on local news and ESPN for my sports information. ESPN is cool and all, but in order to be a good journalist, you need to break out of the ordinary and reach for new ideas and new thoughts to cultivate good writing. Well, for that and more McNabb jokes.

My work has been starting to pick up, and I'm also getting noticed by other bloggers. So, check my stuff out at The Hilltop Online, Infinite Gen (started by some other HU students), and my sister's blog, Forever Chasing After You.

Keep checking by periodically, and I'll try to finish the monster post that I've had waiting for the blog by Thanksgiving.

Until then...peace. (New York Knicks 6-4!)

-Michael "TTK" Benjamin


  1. Damn shame that barely being over .500 gets a fanbase excited. But yes. And they're 6-5 now.

    I have an idea for a combined FU/POT post on the Knicks' progress after a certain amount of games. Hit me up.

    P.S. Where's my blog on the "Blog Roll" lol.

  2. Dude, you're definitely right. Got to add your blog to the list, lol. By the way, how the heck do you find the time to blog? I usually scribble down ideas when I get them, but to flesh them out as fast as you do? Much props.

    Yup, I'm hyped that the Knicks are 6-5...I figure we can make the playoffs with a 41-41 record. I'm just saying...

  3. They're not as frequent as you think. The ideas usually come from conversations I have with my boys from Pitt. They're mostly just vent sessions that get turned into structured essays. Most times, the ideas go as quickly as they come becuase I'm not in the mood to write. But I'm just like you, I don't sit and think it through. They come when they come